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Image by Quentin Lagache

About ELA

ELA is an energetic frequency directly connected to the highest vibrations of love, creativity and healing. The Blue Frequency of Light - as I call it -  is channeled through me during healing sessions and meditative art with a pure intention for the benefit of all beings.


It took me almost 10 years to accept, integrate and express how this Blue Frequency of Light has found me on the ''crystal island'' in Thailand ... Back in 2012 when I lived in Koh Samui as a Spa Director at Four Seasons Resort, I took myself to Koh Phangan to celebrate my birthday. It seemed to be ordinary night, with music playing on the beach ... me dancing barefoot in swirling motions ... just enjoying this profound sense of joy and freedom. 

What happened next I have not fully integrated for the past 10 years. While swirling and just enjoying being one with the sounds of the music, I've received an instant telephathic communication and appearance of Blue Beings of Light. 

Let’s VIBE Together

Get in touch so we can start '' vibing '' together in one of the ways I serve. 

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